Family Nutrition

Improving your families diet

There are so many diets out there and overcomplicated recipes, and we know how overwhelmed you already feel with parenting, that here at Life’skool we recommend keeping it as simple as possible.

Research shows that a Mediterranean-style menu, focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods, while limiting processed and refined food has a beneficial effect on mental health, and as a bonus, it’s primarily naturally gluten-free, which reduces the inflammation in the body.

Here are some principles to follow with this eating plan:

Eat plant foods frequently throughout the day

Plenty of fruits, vegetables, gluten-free breads, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

Choose seasonally fresh and minimally processed foods

These include frozen vegetables as they are a convenient & nutritious alternative.

Swap your fats for a high quality, extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is great in salad dressings, or drizzled over veggies.

Eat fish - twice weekly

These are important essential fatty acids for you and your children’s brain and heart health.


Use fruit as a dessert

This is a great way to curb that sweet tooth after a meal and get those vital nutrients in.

Scale back on red meat

Limit red meat to a few times per month. To add protein to your meals, beans are a magic food.

Consume less dairy products

Limit dairy as it has been shown to exacerbate neurodevelopmental symptoms in some children.

Add flavour with herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are a healthy way to add flavour to your meals. Turmeric and Ginger have amazing health benefits.

Check out some family-friendly, Mediterranean,
gluten-free recipes:


Purchase the Book

Purchase the Book

Purchase the Book


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Embarking on a journey to change your child’s diet may seem challenging, but I encourage you to take small baby steps and start today. By involving the whole family, this lifestyle change becomes a shared endeavour, benefiting everyone. It’s not just a temporary adjustment to your child’s nutrition; it’s about creating a lasting habit of healthy eating within your family’s rituals, which will ultimately save you energy, time and money in the future.

red heart next to Becca's name

Becca’s Transformation:
From “The Crap Cook” to Nourishing Meals

With a deep personal commitment to her family’s wellbeing, Becca embarked on a mission to change their diet and transform her son’s health. Her transformative journey began with the creation of The Crap Cook, a show filmed in her home kitchen that chronicled her efforts and hilarious fails. Since the recording of the show in 2020, Becca has significantly improved her cooking, and she now enjoys making nutritious, gluten free, mostly dairy and sugar free meals for her and her family, although the kitchen is still a big mess afterwards ;p)


The food you feed your child shapes their future. Choose wisely, nourish their body and mind, and watch them thrive.

Jamie Oliver