Micronutrient Therapy

Exciting Developments in Micronutrients for ADHD

Dr. Julia Rucklidge, a Clinical Psychologist and renowned nutrition researcher at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, has made exciting developments in understanding the benefits of micronutrients in alleviating symptoms associated with ADHD and other mental health disorders. Her work has garnered attention and admiration, with many people, including Becca, first discovering Dr. Rucklidge through her captivating TEDx Talk below. Becca also had the privilege of watching Dr. Rucklidge’s live presentation on ADHD Support Australia’s membership site, further highlighting the significance of her research.

This promising research opens new possibilities for utilising micronutrients to support mental health and underscores the importance of exploring nutritional interventions in mental health treatment.

In her studies, Dr. Rucklidge utilised Daily Essential Nutrients and Greens & Probiotics, both of which are offered by Hardy Nutritionals. It is worth noting that Dr. Rucklidge is not affiliated with these products, but her endorsement, combined with a thorough examination of the research available on their website and positive testimonials from parents, has led us to our Clinical Pscyhologist Warwick conducting training with Hardys so that we can obtain a discount code for our clients. 

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