The Crap Cook Show

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Filmed in Becca’s home kitchen at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, “The Crap Cook” is an enlightening and entertaining show. Its objective was to alter people’s attitudes towards food and improve their family’s health and nutrition, inspired by Becca’s transformation of her son’s diet to help his behaviour.

Furthermore, in Episode 5, we interviewed an inspirational woman named Julie Randall who had an incredible healing story.  Julie is the author of “Patient 71,” a personal memoir about her incredible diagnosis of incurable cancer with only months to live and her remarkable resolve to heal herself.

Becca used her upbeat and entertaining demeanor to relieve viewers’ stress and anxiety. The show was spontaneous and unscripted, with Becca preparing recipes (with lots of funny mishaps) while offering book recommendations, suggestions, and tips for leading a better life.

Becca also highlighted the significance of dance as a fun, cost-free creative outlet for the whole family by ecstatic dancing while the food was cooking. Her presenting style was genuine, caring, warm, and engaging, and she enjoyed laughing at herself. Becca is a firm believer in holistic wellness and is ardently committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Take a Sneak Peak at the Trailer

grab a cuppa, relax and Watch the Episodes

The Crap Cook Episode 1

In this first pilot episode, Becca attempts to make vegan pancakes, and talks about her plans for the series if this episode went well.

The Crap Cook Episode 2 Part 1

Becca attempts to make Vegan Coconut Cake with hilarious results. How many things can go wrong? Well it appears a lot.

The Crap Cook Episode 2 Part 2

Does Becca produce a cake worthy of eating? Find out the results of her vegan coconut cake.

The Crap Cook Episode 3

Becca makes an easy dish – Banana Bread, tells a deeply personal story, and gives immune system booster tips.

The Crap Cook Episode 4

Becca wears her finery to bring you this comical show where she makes a pizza, and discusses the Law of Attraction.

The Crap Cook Episode 5

Becca interviews the amazing Julie Randall, author of Patient 71, whilst attempting to bake. As usual, it’s a whole lot of fun.