Warwick McClelland

Clinical Psychologist

Warwick brings 20 years of experience in various therapeutic approaches to the table. Drawing from a diverse range of influences such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Clinical Resource Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Theory, The Richards Trauma Process, Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Warwick aims to tailor an experience for you with the best knowledge and tools he has gathered across his career.

Warwick is passionate about bringing a heart-centred compassionate flavour to his approach that provides a blend of science and art to your therapeutic journey. If you simply wish to rehash your woes, Warwick is probably not the guy for you, as he’s all about supporting you to thrive and move towards an empowered version of your self. So, if you’re ready to heal, learn, and transform, Warwick is your go-to psychologist for those who are really ready to make a change.



Master in Psychology (Clinical)
Bachelor of Science – Psychology (Hons)

5 fun facts about Warwick

  1. He didn’t even know what the word “Psychology” meant at the end of high school.
  2. He loves dancing (nearly as much as Becca) and has appeared as a subject of focus on a dance music festival video.
  3. He met Becca (his soulmate) on an astrology app called “The Pattern”.
  4. He saw the band The Smashing Pumpkins live, 3 nights in a row.
  5. One of his family members is a very funny, famous comedian. 

A few of my Favourite Books

Revolutionises the way we understand the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, and biology.

A spiritual journey to discover ancient insights that lead to a deeper understanding of humanity.

Teaches individuals to break free from their limiting beliefs and emotions to heal themselves.

Discover the truth behind the universe and your own reality with a journey of self-discovery.

Provides a deep dive into the nine personality types, unveiling the keys to unlocking our true potential.


Every moment is a fresh beginning

T.S Eliot